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Understanding Floating Engineered Wood Flooring

Natural Oak Floorboards in a UK dining room

In the world of home renovations, There are a vast amount of flooring options, but one modern, versatile, and ever increasingly popular option is engineered wood flooring with a floating installation. This innovative install solution combines the aesthetic appeal of traditional hardwood with the practicality and ease of installation suited for today's busy homeowners. Let’s dive deeper into what floating engineered wood flooring is and why it might be the perfect choice for your next flooring project.

What Exactly is Floating Engineered Wood Flooring?

Floating engineered wood flooring is a type of flooring installation that isn't directly fixed to the subfloor. Unlike the fixed method, which involves either nailing or glueing down the engineered floor to the subfloor, floating is joining the floor pieces together and then laying on top of an underlay without the need for adhesives or nails to hold them down in place. Usually, the floor pieces are joint together via its click system or if it’s a tongue and groove system, you would glue the pieces together with a professional grade wood PVA.  With this method, the floor "floats" above the subfloor secured by its own weight and the interlocking edges of the planks.

Typically made from engineered wood these planks consist of a real hardwood veneer layered over plywood or HDF. This unique structure gives floating engineered wood flooring the look of solid hardwood while offering increased stability and resistance to moisture and temperature changes.

Brown Engineered Wood Flooring In Living Room

Advantages of Floating Engineered Wood Flooring & Floating

Simple Installation: One major benefit is the ease and flexibility of the install. The planks are designed to click into place making them perfect, for those who enjoy DIY projects. You have the option to lay this type of flooring over various subfloors like concrete, plywood or even existing flooring.

Budget Friendly: Installing an engineered floor costs less than a solid wood floor since the installation process is both quicker and simpler. It can even be done by yourself and not require professional help.

Versatility: This type of flooring can be installed in places where traditional hardwood may not be suitable such as basements or on top of underfloor heating systems. Its layered construction handles moisture and temperature changes better ensuring durability. Most people opt to float their floor over their UFH system.

The Floating Installing Process

Preparation: Start by ensuring that the subfloor is tidy, dry and level. This may involve some work like removing the skirting boards and adjusting door architraves to fit the new floor height.

Underlayment: Place down an underlay as it serves as both a moisture barrier and sound insulation. This step is crucial, for maintaining the longevity and performance of your flooring.

Acclimatisation: This is where the floor needs to adjust to the room's humidity, temperature and environment. Any slight movement in the board should happen before installation to avoid issues that come with expansion or contraction after installation. We recommend 48 – 36 hours for engineered wood flooring.

Laying the Planks: Start laying the planks along the wall by joining them together securely leaving a small gap (approx. 10 -15mm) around the edges for natural wood movement.

Finishing: After placing all planks reattach the baseboards alternatively you can use a scotia or beading trim to cover the gaps. The floor is ready for use immediately without waiting for glue to dry.

Light Oak Floor in Kitchen

Maintenance and Care

Floating engineered wood floors are relatively low maintenance. Regularly vacuum to remove debris and occasionally mop with a lightly damped mop using warm water or a wood floor cleaner, avoid bleach cleaners. Also, avoid using excessive water as that could harm the wood layers. Clean up spills promptly to preserve the floor's integrity and appearance.

Floating engineered wood flooring combines beauty, practicality and easy installation making it a popular choice for homes. Its versatility on subfloors and in different environments along with the timeless elegance of real wood makes it a great investment, for those seeking to enhance their living space without dealing with traditional hardwood complexities.

To learn more, about installation procedures and product choices please check out Our Expert Advice Centre or Flooring Shop.


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