Plank Flooring

Uncover the versatility of Plank Flooring at Floor Warehouse. From rustic wide planks to elegant narrow strips, our range suits any design preference and adds a contemporary or classic touch to your space. Ideal for achieving a seamless and expansive look.

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Revamp Your Space, with Our High Quality Plank Flooring Options

At Floor Warehouse we provide a range of plank flooring selections tailored to various styles and functional requirements. Plank flooring is a favoured option for its ability to create a seamless flowing look while enhancing the appeal of any room.

Our plank flooring collection includes both wide and narrow choices to accommodate your preferences. Wide planks are well suited for high ceiling rooms or open layouts adding a striking touch that amplifies the room's openness. Conversely, narrow planks offer a timeless appearance suitable for rooms of all sizes.

Crafted from materials such as hardwood, LVT, SPC and laminate our planks are not only visually appealing but also exceptionally durable. They are designed to withstand wear and tear ensuring lasting quality that proves to be a worthwhile investment. With an array of finishes and wood species like oak and walnut, you have design options to seamlessly complement your decor.

Whether you're renovating your home or updating a business space our plank flooring provides a foundation that effortlessly blends beauty, with functionality.

Our flooring is designed for installation and upkeep with choices that cater to DIY enthusiasts seeking to transform their space. Explore the variety of plank flooring selections, at Floor Warehouse now where we aim not to meet but exceed your expectations by offering exquisite floors that will stand the test of time.