About Floor Warehouse

Ownership & Funding

Floor Warehouse is a privately owned flooring company, registered in England and Wales. Our business is independently operated, ensuring that our commitment to providing unbiased, high-quality products and services is maintained. We have no external investors or stakeholders, which means all decisions are made internally to benefit our customers and the betterment of our company.

  • Ownership: Floor Warehouse is privately owned, with a focus on providing high-quality flooring solutions based on extensive industry experience.
  • Funding: The business is fully self-funded through private investment and sales revenue. We do not receive any grants or special funding sources, which allows us to operate without external influence.

Publishing Principles

In regards to our “Expert Advice” blog, a comprehensive resource dedicated to sharing the knowledge we’ve accumulated over 15 years in the flooring industry, our primary goal is to assist customers and consumers with common flooring questions, misconceptions, and guidance to help them make informed purchasing decisions.

  • Target Audience: Our content is geared towards all consumers of wood flooring, including our current clients and potential customers. We are happy to share our expertise with anyone in need of our knowledge and experience.
  • Content Categories:
    • Installation Guides & Tips: Step-by-step instructions and professional tips for successful flooring installation.
    • Maintenance & Care: Best practices for keeping your floors in top condition.
    • Measuring & Planning: Advice on accurately measuring and planning for your flooring projects.
    • Product Guides: In-depth information about different flooring products we offer.
    • Troubleshooting: Solutions to common flooring issues.
    • Ordering Process: A guide to our seamless ordering process.

Our primary contributor is our founder, who brings over 15 years of experience in the wood flooring industry, covering roles from sales to installation, management, and quality control. Our mission is to provide honest, free knowledge to guide people in their flooring decisions and aid their flooring knowledge.

Ethics Policy

At Floor Warehouse, we adhere to the highest ethical standards in all our operations, including content creation, product recommendations, and customer interactions. Here’s how we ensure ethical behavior across all facets of our business:

  • Transparency: We provide clear and real reviews and honest recommendations for all our products. Every product recommendation and piece of advice is based on our extensive industry experience and thorough research.
  • Conflict of Interest: Our content is unbiased, and we disclose any potential conflicts of interest. We do not accept payment or incentives for product recommendations, ensuring our advice remains impartial and more imporatantly, useful.
  • Customer Interaction: We uphold ethical behavior in all customer interactions and marketing efforts. Our sales team is trained to provide honest and accurate information, focusing and incentivised on customer needs rather than sales targets.
  • Staff Compliance: All staff and contributors are fully aware of and comply with our ethical standards and moral codes. Regular training sessions are held to ensure everyone understands and adheres to our ethical guidelines within the company.
  • Sustainability and Responsibility: We are committed to sustainable practices, from sourcing materials to the final product. We ensure that our suppliers adhere to ethical standards and that our products are environmentally friendly. We touch more on this in our About Us.

By combining these policies, we at Floor Warehouse demonstrate our commitment to transparency, ethical behavior, and providing valuable, unbiased information to all of our customers and users.