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Solid or Engineered Parquet Wood Flooring; Which Option Is Better?


When deciding on the ideal parquet wood flooring for your home, the choice often boils down to the main two competitors, a parquet in either a solid or engineered floor construction. Each version comes with its own advantages/disadvantages, and having a good grasp of these aspects can help you in making your decision on what to shop for. Let's delve into the specifics to help you determine which option best fits your requirements.

Solid Parquet Wood Flooring


Solid wood parquet flooring, are floor pieces crafted from entirely solid blocks of wood, usually arranged in intricate designs like herringbone, chevron or the history comeback which is Versailles panels. Each piece is meticulously carved from a single timber, providing an authentic and traditional wooden floor experience.


Strength and Endurance:

Solid wood floors are recognised for their density and robustness. With proper maintenance, they can endure for many decades, if not centuries. One of the primary advantages of a solid floor is the capability to sand and refinish the floors multiple times, more so than engineered wood flooring due to its thickness of real wood, effectively rejuvenating the surface and prolonging the floor's lifespan.

Visual Appeal:

The natural beauty of solid wood is unmatched. It brings such rich, warm, and luxurious feel to any area from your living room floor to the local pub den. Often we associate real wood floors with high-end interiors and historical homes, making it a favourite for those seeking a classic, luxury look.


Solid parquet can be purchased in unfinished and finished on-site, offering a variety of stain and finish options. This versatility allows you to adjust the floor's look to suit your specific design preferences.



Moisture Sensitivity:

Solid wood expands and contracts in response to changes in moisture and temperature of its area, leading to potential issues like warping or gaps between blocks, especially in high moisture areas like bathrooms or basements.


Installing solid parquet requires skilled workmanship and is typically more labour-intensive. Each piece needs precise placement, usually involving nailing or glueing them onto a prepared subfloor.


Solid wood flooring tends to have a higher initial cost due to the material itself, intricate installation process and ongoing maintenance requirements.

Engineered Parquet Wood Flooring


Engineered parquet flooring are comprised of multiple wood layers, with a top layer of hardwood veneer and a core made from a type of plywood or less popularly, a high-density fibreboard. This structure offers improved stability and resilience against environmental fluctuations.




Engineered parquet flooring is built to endure changes in humidity and temperature, reducing the risk of warping and shifting. It's a great choice for spaces like kitchens, and one of its key elements is it's suitable for underfloor heating.

 Easy Installation:

Engineered parquet is often prefinished and can be installed using different methods such as floating, glueing or secret nailing. This flexibility can save time and lower installation expenses. Moreover, the boards can come in a click system, making them simple to connect without the need for glue.


Engineered parquet comes in a wide selection of styles, colours and finishes that closely resemble solid wood. Contemporary designs like chevron wood flooring are quite trendy.

 Cost Efficiency:

Engineered Wood Floors allow you to have a larger variety of sized boards whilst still remaining within budget. While not always cheaper upfront (but mostly), engineered wood can be more cost effective than solid wood in the long run when you factor in installation and maintenance expenses.



Despite its durability, engineered parquet flooring generally has a shorter lifespan compared to solid wood. The top veneer layer can only undergo sanding and refinishing a limited number of times, this of course varies on the thickness of the veneer you have on your board.


Some individuals feel that engineered wood lacks the authenticity of solid wood. Nevertheless, high-quality engineered floors often closely mimic the look of solid wood, and if fitted correctly the difference is unnoticeable, making this concern less significant.

Potential Damage:

Similar to all wooden floors, engineered parquet is susceptible to scratches or dents caused by heavy furniture or sharp objects. Nonetheless, its layered structure provides better protection against damage compared to solid wood.

Key Factors to Consider

Compatibility with Underfloor Heating

A lot of builds today include underfloor heating within the home. One significant advantage of engineered parquet of its solid counterpart is its compatibility with underfloor heating systems. The layered construction of engineered wood floors with its ply base provides enhanced stability and resistance to temperature and humidity fluctuations, making it ideal for modern heating solutions. Solid wood, on the other hand, can be more prone to damage from the heat, making it less suitable for such installations and often not recommended to be fitted over any heating systems.

Design Choices

Both solid and engineered parquet flooring offer a wide array of design choices. Solid wood floors present a classic, natural appearance that appeals to many homeowners. Engineered wood can achieve a similar look while offering added advantages like stability and easy installation. Patterns like chevron and Versailles panels can be created using both flooring types, allowing for imaginative and striking interior designs.

Maintenance and Longevity

Solid wood floors can be sanded and refinished multiple times, allowing them to maintain their appearance over many years. Engineered wood floors, while also durable, have a limit to the number of times, depending on thickness, they can be refinished due to the thinner top veneer layer. However, engineered floors are designed to withstand environmental changes better, which can reduce the frequency of necessary maintenance and perhaps avoid certain issues that solid floors cannot.


The cost of both solid and engineered parquet flooring can vary widely depending on the wood species, grading, finish, size, and installation requirements. Solid wood tends to be more expensive initially but offers long-term value through its durability and longevity through the ability to refinished more. Engineered wood can be more cost-effective upfront and offer an easier installation, which can further reduce time and costs.


Conclusion: Which is the Better Choice?

The choice between solid and engineered parquet wood flooring ultimately depends on your specific needs, preferences, and the conditions of your home or area you are putting it in:

  • Choose Solid Parquet if you prioritise longevity, a timeless aesthetic, and the ability to frequently refinish your floors throughout its life. It's ideal for stable environments where humidity and temperature do not fluctuate significantly.
  • Choose Engineered Parquet if you need a versatile, stable, and a more cost-effective flooring solution that works well in areas with varying environmental conditions, including those areas with underfloor heating.

Both types of parquet flooring offer unique benefits and can significantly enhance the beauty and value of your home. Consider your lifestyle, budget, and the specific requirements of your space when making your final decision. Whether you opt for the old time classic of solid wood or the modern practicality of engineered wood, parquet flooring is a beautiful and durable choice that can transform any room, space or interior.


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