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How to Install Parquet Blocks with the One Tongue and Three Grooves System

Raw Solid Wood Herringbone Floor Pre-Finish

Parquet flooring is renowned for its aesthetic appeal and durability, but the complexity of its installation can vary significantly depending on the tongue and groove system used. Traditional systems typically involve a 2 tongue 2 groove setup, requiring distinct left and right planks. However, a newer method featuring one tongue and three grooves offers a simplified, yet effective alternative. This article aims to clarify how the one tongue and three grooves system works, ensuring all sides of the plank are properly secured, and compare it to the traditional method.

How the One Tongue and Three Grooves System Works

The one tongue and three grooves system is designed to simplify the installation process while ensuring a secure, tight fit. Here’s a closer look at how it operates:

  • Configuration: Each plank has one protruding tongue on one edge and three grooved edges on the remaining sides.
  • Fitting Together: The singular tongue of one plank fits into the groove of an adjacent plank. This can be done in any direction as the three grooved sides accept the tongue of other planks, allowing for continuous movement across the floor without the need for specific directional laying.
  • Securing the Fit: The advantage of having three grooved sides is significant. It ensures that each plank is held firmly on three sides by adjacent planks, which not only secures the floor vertically and horizontally but also minimizes the risk of planks shifting or becoming loose over time.

Implementing the One Tongue and Three Grooves System in a Herringbone Pattern

When utilizing the one tongue and three grooves system to create a herringbone pattern floor, the installation process includes a precise setup of the spine, which acts as the foundational layout for the entire pattern:

  • Building the Spine: Begin by placing two parquet blocks at an angle to form the 'V' shape characteristic of the herringbone pattern. The tongue of each block should face inward towards the peak of the 'V', effectively locking them together at this central junction.
  • Securing Each Side: This configuration ensures that every side of each piece is held into place with the interlocking tongue and groove system, providing a stable base to build upon.
  • Expanding the Pattern: As you extend the pattern from the spine, align the blocks so that the tongues are facing upwards along the arms of the 'V'. This orientation ensures that the planks interlock seamlessly, maintaining the integrity and visual flow of the herringbone design.
Expert Fitting of a Herringbone Wood Floor
Midway Through Herringbone Floor Setup

Advantages Over the Standard 2 Tongue 2 Groove Left and Right Plank System

The one tongue and three grooves system offers several benefits over the standard approach:

  • Uniform Planks: Unlike the standard 2 tongue 2 groove system, which requires specific left and right planks, the one tongue and three grooves system uses identical planks that can fit anywhere on the floor. This universality simplifies the laying process and reduces the chance of installation errors.
  • Avoiding Inventory Issues: With the standard system, installers often face the problem of needing more left or right planks than available, as these are typically sold in even amounts and not separately. This can cause significant delays and increase project costs. The one tongue and three grooves system eliminates this issue by using uniform planks, thus avoiding the logistical and financial burden of mismatched inventory.
  • Enhanced Stability: With grooves on three sides, each plank is more securely fastened, reducing the likelihood of gaps and providing a more stable and durable floor.
  • Simpler Inventory and Waste Management: Using identical planks means less worry about ordering and storing different types of planks, and less waste during the installation process.

The one tongue and three grooves system for parquet flooring offers a compelling alternative to the standard 2 tongue 2 groove left and right plank setup. By simplifying plank types and improving the overall stability of the floor, this method can provide significant installation and long-term benefits. However, it requires careful planning and execution to maximize these advantages. If you're considering new flooring and are looking for a durable, aesthetically pleasing option with a straightforward installation process, the one tongue and three grooves system may be the perfect fit for your needs.

By understanding these key differences, homeowners and installers can make informed decisions that best suit their specific circumstances and flooring goals. If you have any more specific questions or need further clarification on the parquet flooring methods, feel free to ask!


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